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The top xRM digital personnel record

Digitised HR department

Companies are increasingly competing for young talent and experienced specialists. Employees must be permanently retained, their knowledge and skills should be continuously developed. All this presupposes that all information is transparent for the employees in the Human Resources Department – and, at the same time, all data protection requirements are complied with.

This is possible with the job/applicant record and the personnel record of top flow. Of course, the digital personnel record is SAP-compatible.

Job/Applicant records

Process Control and documentation of the entire recruiting process from the record – from the job advertisement to the hiring

Clear presentation of all applicants for a vacancy.

Support of the selection process by customisable applicant ranking according to freely definable criteria

Merging of documents
and information
Consolidation of documents and information on vacancies and applicants in one record, e.g. job descriptions and application documents, certificates, certificates and emails
SAP Reference Objects Generation and creation of SAP objects for a vacancy, for example, from organisational management or the personnel master
Linking other records Linking other records – applicant records to the job record and vice versa
Access and permissions Checking the access authorisation to HR organisational objects such as personnel area and cost centre
Control of the workflow Control of the workflow along the recruiting process, for example, the pre-qualification of applicants and the invitation to the interview, checklist for admission

Digital personnel record (SAP)

Process Control and documentation of the entire process for an employee from the record – from hiring to departure
Merging of documents
and information
Merging documents and information about an employee into one record, e.g. social security and tax data, remuneration certificates, applications and certificates, certificates, assessments, references and further education

Definition of individual deletion periods for compliance with the GDPR guidelines

Automated creation of job references

Automated filing of all types of certificates and proof of payment

SAP Reference Objects List display of all HR infotypes
Linking other records Linking of further records – job and applicant records, jump from SuccessFactors
Access and permissions Verification of access authorisation via HR objects such as personnel area, company code and cost centres
Control of the workflow Borrowing function to allow temporary access to an employee’s record

Workflow-controlled entry and exit checklist


Prefabricated electronic records:

top sales RM - digital sales record

top purchase RM - digital purchase record

top contract RM - digital contract record

top project RM - digital project record

top production RM - digital production order record

top master data RM - digital material record

top real estate RM - digital real estate record

top public RM - digital record

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