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With top xRM you digitise all SAP-based business processes end-to-end

Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

The Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) offers unimagined possibilities

Companies that want to actively master the digital transformation of the business world face three major challenges. First, the existing and proven digital core of the company – usually based on SAP – should be sensibly integrated. Secondly, it is about unifying the management of all SAP documents that arise along a business process in a digital environment. Thirdly, all relationships with customers, partners and our own employees should be comprehensively digitised. Once all three problems have been solved, the company benefits from greater efficiency and higher productivity.

What is an Enterprise Content Management System?

Many companies are already using an Enterprise Content Management System to manage their documents. With an ECM, all documents can be recorded, saved, deleted, edited, forwarded and archived. Ideally, internal business processes and workflows are in the foreground. Then entire document-based workflows are linked together by the ECM and controlled in such a way that all employees involved have cross-departmental access and can edit the documents if necessary.

Content Management: What is important in the context of a digitisation project?

The big disadvantage of many systems for enterprise content management is that it is often only connected to the ERP and only the documents of the internal processes are digitally recorded. Customer relationships, for example, are usually regulated by separate systems for customer relationship management, which is why three different systems often coexist with CRM, ERP and ECM. If companies want to close this gap as part of a digitisation campaign, ECM, CRM and ERP, as well as other tools for cooperation, should be covered with a solution and include all company data and documents at the same time. For this purpose, an extended Relationship Management System is suitable that digitises the company’s relationships and SAP content management in a uniform manner.

What is Extended Relationship Management?

While Customer Relationship Management (CRM) only focuses on relationships with customers, Extended Relationship Management (xRM) takes a broader approach. Accordingly, an xRM takes into account not only the customers but also the relationships with suppliers or partners. Ideally, the entire relationship structure of a company is recorded and holistic business processes or centrally controlled data access is made possible. This idea is also the basis for top xRM; with our Enterprise Content Management System, all business processes and relationships of a company are to be digitally mapped on an SAP basis.

How is top xRM integrated into existing SAP environments?

top xRM is installed as an SAP add-on directly in SAP ERP or SAP S/4 HANA. Thus, the ECM system is part of the SAP landscape. Therefore, SAP objects can be edited or created without any effort. A uniform SAP content management: Documents from other applications are simply added to the respective electronic records by drag & drop and the Document Management process is simplified overall. The Enterprise Content Management System thus realises consistent and transparent information flows with which data can be completely and correctly transported.

In addition to the SAP GUI version, the user interface of top xRM was also implemented in SAPUI5 and thus resembles the look & feel of office applications. With our Enterprise Content Management System, you benefit from an excellent user experience.

What are the advantages of the top xRM Enterprise Content Management System?

With top XRM, you have an Enterprise Content Management System to hand with which you are well prepared to meet the central challenges of digital transformation, digitise business processes end-to-end and avoid new isolated solutions.

With our SAP-based Enterprise Content Management System top xRM, you can manage all information, documents and functions that arise along a business process in an electronic record together. SAP objects, Office documents, PDF records and emails can be stored in a structured way with our ECM: As a result, all content is available to all participants at any time and regardless of location. Also, the well-known collaboration software MS Teams can be easily integrated into top xRM. The consolidation of information, documents and functions in a single Enterprise Content Management System is also the basis for consistent digitisation – the paperless office becomes a reality.

Is it possible to work in teams with top xRM?

Based on the recorded and organised content, top xRM and its SAP content management can be used to establish and automate, control and control workflows. This ensures greater efficiency in the processes and makes them transparent. In addition, our Enterprise Content Management System enables location- and time-independent collaboration – even beyond company boundaries. Especially the integrability of the common collaboration software Microsoft Teams ensures an additional plus of comprehensive cooperation with a single Enterprise Content Management System.

With all this, top xRM is much more than a traditional Enterprise Content Management Solution. With the add-on, we have realised the Extended Relationship Concept, which represents the further development of CRM and SRM and depicts not only the relationships with customers and suppliers, but with all partners.

SAP Content Management: The advantages of top xRM at a glance

  • Is integrated directly into SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA without an interface – the SAP GUI or an SAPUI5-based browser application can be used as an interface
  • Is certified for SAP ERP 6.0 and SAP S/4HANA
  • Maps business processes consistently and in a structured manner, makes them transparent and digitizes them end-to-end
  • Merges all information, documents and functions that arise along a business process into one electronic record
  • Fully integrates the common email clients Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes and thus makes it possible to use email client functions directly from top xRM
  • Makes it possible to go through predefined workflows (sequential and parallel steps) at the node level and start ad hoc workflows at any time
  • Allows you to track the current status of a business transaction at any time
  • As a browser application, it is the ideal collaboration platform – also for customers and suppliers: authorization control restricts the view of the process according to the respective role
  • Offers fully preconfigured record types for business processes in various departments or application scenarios; for example: purchasing, sales, personnel, project management, contract management, real estate management
  • Makes it possible to create appropriate record types for almost all conceivable business processes and to digitize the processes in this way
  • Dynamic in-place editing of office documents with chronological versioning and content-related version comparison
  • Local check-in and check-out of PDF documents including comment function
  • Display of responsibilities and deadlines including identification of changes
  • Integration of records in Microsoft Teams® (upload and download of records)
  • Digital signing of documents, e.g. by integrating the DocuSign® software

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