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Business Intelligence in top MES

Individual dashboarding and reporting in the manufacturing execution system

Why do I need business Intelligence directly in the MES?

Many companies already rely on the production key figures for the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The operating data and machine data required by you will be reprocessed in MES-System. Corresponding tools often provide standardised and severely limited possibilities; not always to the complete satisfaction of the users. The analysis of other analytics key figures also usually takes place within a manageable framework. Large parts of the data potential cannot be used in this way.

Visualisation is also problematic in such standard solutions. Many tools output the data in tabular form. The presentation then takes place only in Excel; not necessarily what users expect today.

Wouldn’t a Business Intelligence Solution help? Only conditionally, because it would also have to be additionally implemented and provided with the appropriate interfaces. After all, this is an additional software for which trained users are needed – especially in medium-sized businesses, an extra operational expense that is not necessary.

Business Intelligence in top MES: Analytics in the Manufacturing Execution System

No additional interfaces, no extra licenses: With top MES, you can integrate business intelligence directly into the manufacturing execution system based on SAP. The BI component Dashboard Designer makes it possible to analyse and process data directly at the point of its creation. With the software solution, both dashboards and reports can be individually designed and tailored to your own requirements.

Thanks to integrated OEE apps, the Dashboard Designer keeps an eye on all relevant KPIs. The solution runs browser-based and is, therefore, accessible via almost all devices – including mobile devices. Thanks to SAP Fiori, it offers a modern user experience and intuitive user guidance. Last but not least, it is easy and quick to implement and can be fully integrated into SAP systems.

Business Intelligence: Visualise dashboarding in top MES data in an appealing way

With the Dashboard Designer, key users can individually create sophisticated analyses and reports and visualise them in an appealing way. The usability is high thanks to drag-and-drop, so the tool offers a lot of design options. Users also benefit from self-designed layouts and cockpits.

Dashboard Designer: Individual data and calculations for business intelligence in top MES

Predefined key figures can be used with the Dashboard Designer. These can also be flexibly adapted and visualised. For example, relevant figures for the C-level or production can be transferred to the reporting.

If individual key figures are required, they can be determined using specifically created OData services and visualised in the Dashboard Designer. As a result, the entire database of the SAP system becomes a pool that can be tapped as needed. Last but not least, other elements such as images, documents and even third-party applications can be integrated into the software.

What are the main advantages of the Dashboard Designer?

  • modern business intelligence
  • customisable analyses and reports
  • intuitive visualisations
  • standardised and individual key figures
  • high user experience thanks to SAP Fiori
  • easy handling thanks to drag-and-drop
  • individual layouts and cockpits
  • no additional interfaces or licenses required

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