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Using the address cockpit to send serial emails from SAP

Sending serial emails from SAP – simple and convenient

Sending emails easily and conveniently based on the existing SAP system

Using the address cockpit in top xRM you can easily plan and carry out the automatic sending of news, information or other messages to your addresses in the SAP system. Communication with the various target groups of your company and individual contact persons is noticeably simplified as a result.

The same applies to the address selection: Create targeted, personalised email campaigns for the selected addresses. These are automatically stored in the corresponding master data records of the top xRM in the correspondence area, i.e.: Email client, record and master data are linked. Thus, the electronic record contains the complete communication and provides a full overview of all activities in relation to the recipient at all times.

Emails and addresses are centrally documented thanks to the address cockpit

Connection to your email client makes it possible to save the addresses there as well as store the individual emails in the outbox. Creation and dispatch are logged throughout – there is no need for further documentation of mail traffic. The address cockpit thus contributes significantly to improved Document Management.

With the address cockpit, tracking emails becomes easy

The management of responses from these recipients takes place in the SAP system. Maintaining parallel Excel tables becomes a thing of the past. Moreover, it is also possible to send reminder emails to the recipients that have not answered. All in all, the tracking of emails or the work that is only due after sending an email is drastically simplified, which has a positive effect on all workflows.

The address cockpit is included as standard in the scope of delivery of top xRM

With the Address Cockpit, you have many advantages

  • Simplified communication with your target group (customers, suppliers, business partners, employees, etc.) via the existing SAP system
  • Continuous documentation of all written activities in the correspondence section of the corresponding record
  • Simple selection of the addresses
  • Unified design thanks to templates
  • Link to email client, record and master data
  • Tracking directly in the system

Address Cockpit for SAP offers many functions

The address cockpit impresses with its multifunctionality. While many mail programs focus only on essential functions, numerous tasks can be performed with the address cockpit in top xrm.

Excerpt from the functions:

  • Serial emails: Personalised dispatch of campaign via email client; design using templates possible
  • Address search: Various selection options, e.g. within customers, suppliers, business partners or employees
  • Branching off from the results lists into the associated master data or records
  • Favourite lists (“My addresses”)
  • Transfer of addresses in the email client, i.e. the addresses can be accessed when out of the office, e.g. for field staff
  • Follow-up options (e.g. acceptance, refusal of an invitation to an event)
  • Selective follow-up email to addresses for which there is not yet any response
  • Setting options for the email dispatch: Sender address, dispatch time etc.
  • Detailed protocol on the creation and dispatch of the campaign
  • Archiving the dispatched emails in the sender’s “Sent Box”