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Integrate Microsoft Teams into existing SAP landscape – with top xRM

With top flow, you connect the two worlds of Microsoft and SAP

Microsoft Teams is one of those Collaboration Tools that is currently very trendy, especially because the software is free for all Office 365 users. Although it sounds like an outstanding opportunity at first, the decisive factor is the integration into the existing IT infrastructure. Their digital core and the associated document management are usually based on SAP. However, MS Teams can only lead to a significant increase in productivity if it is seamlessly integrated into the existing SAP environment and does not mix up the existing infrastructure as a new isolated solution.

That’s why top flow has developed top xRM, a solution that seamlessly links Microsoft Teams and SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA and thus enables perfect workflows.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a platform application based on Office 365 that integrates Microsoft applications such as Skype for Business, One Note or Outlook as well as third-party apps on a collaboration platform. Collaboration through individual or group chats, audio or video web meetings or instant meetings is central. In addition, records can be viewed and edited by all participants. Furthermore, tasks can be managed, calendars can be synchronised and links can be exchanged.

The B2B collaboration solution from Microsoft enables numerous application scenarios. Tasks can be organised by topic via channels; various record formats can be exchanged and edited in tabs. This establishes creative and transparent structures that enable a new form of cooperation and avoid costly meetings on site. This not only relieves the burden on those directly involved, but also on the IT department. Thanks to MS Teams, setting up proprietary technology before online conferences is no longer needed.

How can Microsoft Teams be connected to SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA?

Many companies ask themselves the question of how high the technical effort is for integrating Microsoft Teams into an existing SAP landscape. Often then, the thought comes up: If we let both systems – Microsoft and SAP – coexist better, then we avoid possible conflicts and reduce the risk that the running IT will be restricted. However, it is important to warn against this two-pronged stand-alone solution, because this creates new isolated solutions that do not advance the overall digitisation of a company.

How can Microsoft Teams and SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA now be integrated? How do you get the two worlds of Microsoft and SAP together in order to make SAP functions, SAP objects and SAP documents available to all project participants along the SAP process chain, and to be able to use them without restrictions? Many other tools and thus also top xRM can be easily and easily integrated via so-called connectors. Connectors are apps; the setup is similar to any smartphone. In this way, comprehensive communication with customers, employees and partners can be realised without major effort and without media disruption, because thanks to top xRM, a comprehensive collaboration platform or communication solution is created that connects SAP ERP and SAP S /4HANA with MS Teams.

What can I do with the SAP documents by integrating them into MS Teams?

  • Bundling all information and functions for a project or business process centrally both in your SAP system and in teams.
  • Adding SAP objects to the tabs of teams or linking an SAP Record by the SAP user. This makes it possible to view the associated SAP information in teams at any time – depending on the authorisation.
  • Exchange of records by drag-and-drop between applications.
  • Structured and transparent mapping of projects and business processes, even for users who do not have SAP access.
  • Expanded possibilities of collaboration and information flow within projects across application boundaries.
  • Ensuring audit-proof storage of business-critical documents in your SAP archive.

What are the other advantages of integrating MS Teams with top xRM?

Consistent processes. top xRM combines the functions of Document Management and process control. The means to the end is the digital record as an interface-free ECM solution that is integrated into SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA. With the integration of our top xRM solution into your teams environment, the digital record becomes the central control instrument for all other business processes of your company, documenting every single step.

Seamless integration. top xRM ensures a continuous flow of information between Microsoft Teams and SAP ERP or S/4HANA. This allows different users or defined user groups to work together on an SAP record without losing track of the entire process. The MS Teams collaboration platform and the SAP landscape make it possible for the record to travel through the company without media breaks.

Device independence. Microsoft Teams can also be used device-independently after integration into SAP by top xRM. That means: The application runs on web apps, smartphones, tablet PCs and classic desktop PCs. This allows all users to get an overview of production processes, for example, in a timely manner and on their own device.

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