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The digitalisation of the world of work is progressing inexorably

There is no question that anyone who still hopes today that the digitisation of the world of work is only a temporary trend is mistaken. Digital business models in the B2C sector have long been part of the standard and have dramatically changed the expectations of customers – keywords are on-demand, customer experience or service excellence. It is, therefore, high time to jump on the megatrend of digitisation and actively shape the digitisation of the working world.

What is digitisation? What does the digitisation of the world of work even mean?

The digitisation of the world of work relates to many areas. This includes new, previously unthinkable business models – just think of the expansion of online trading – and, based on this, completely changed market structures with new competitors. In addition, it is about changed business and production processes, the interaction of which is simplified and accelerated thanks to digitisation and which also get along completely without paper. After all, everyday working life will also change completely thanks to digitisation.

What can be digitised in a company?

With a suitable Manufacturing Execution System (MES) first of all, processes in production can be comprehensively digitised. Machine data or operating data no longer have to be processed manually, but thanks to digitisation, they can be automatically recorded and networked accordingly.

In addition to production, many other areas can be comprehensively digitised with a Enterprise Content Management System. This applies, for example, to purchasing, production, sales, service, planning, personnel and finance; here, all documents, functions and information of a business process can be summarised in electronic records. Workflows will be so noticeably improved, which simplifies Document Management, and optimises cooperation. As a rule, the core of the company, the ERP, is already digitised with SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA. Then it is important to make other areas fit for the digital age with suitable add-ons and appropriate SAP know-how.

What benefits does digitalisation bring to my company?

Master the challenges of digitisation – with a targeted digitisation strategy. At the end of the digitisation project, you will benefit from more efficient business processes and saved resources. With our SAP add-ons and corresponding SAP know-how, integration into SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA is possible without interfaces and without media breaks. Your system landscape remains lean; complex subsystems are completely eliminated. In the end, your market position will be strengthened and the relationship with your customers will be noticeably improved.

Does top flow have the necessary SAP know-how to support us?

With top flow at your side, the digitisation of your company becomes a successful project. Benefit from the excellent process and SAP know-how of our consultants and from our extensive experience from a variety of national and international projects for over 250 customers from a wide variety of industries.

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Die SAP-Add-ons von top flow sind SAP-zertifiziert.

Top flow’s SAP add-ons are SAP-certified.