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Digitalized project management

Often, numerous projects run in parallel in companies: from developing a new product to introducing software or reorganizing the corporate structure. And usually these projects are very complex. It is essentially to maintain transparency in all the relevant factors of individual projects such as budget, resources, deadlines and approvals.

The top flow project record lets project participants access all information at any time and from any place.


Project record

Process Controls and documents an entire project directly from the record – from project launch to closure
Merging of documents and information Merges documents and information about a project over the entire structure to form a record that contains such objects as project applications, status reports, checklists and final reports

Integrates templates for various documents such as business plans and investment applications

SAP reference objects Generates SAP objects for a project, such as for SAP projects, WBS elements, network plans, network processes and milestones
Linking to other records Links to other records – contract records, purchasing records
Access and authorizations Checks access authorization via authorizations of the SAP project system
Printing and sending of SAP receipts Prints and sends out quotations, orders, etc., directly from the record
Control of the workflow Controls the workflow over the life of a project – for automated flows in approval and release processes and for monitoring of deadlines