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top purchase RM

The top xRM digital purchase record

Digitised purchasing

Procurement processes are usually very complex today; numerous internal and external stakeholders are involved. For the employees in purchasing, it is, therefore, one of the most important tasks to ensure efficient processing for smooth collaboration.

The purchasing record and the supplier record of top flow help with this.


Purchasing records

Process Control and documentation of the entire purchasing process (Order to Cash) from the record, from the requirement request to the receipt of the invoice
Merging of documents
and information
Merging of documents and information of the purchasing process in one record – for example, purchase requisitions, enquiries, price comparisons, orders, incoming goods, contracts, conversations and emails
SAP Reference Objects Creation and processing of SAP purchase objects from the record, for example, inquiries, orders and purchase information records
Linking other records Linking of further records – supplier records, material records, equipment records, sales records
Access and permissions Verification of access authorisation to purchasing SAP organisational structures: Permissions at header and node level
Printing and sending of SAP documents Printing and sending of enquiries, orders, etc. from the record
Control of the workflow Control of the workflow along the purchasing process (also at item level), for example, professional and commercial authorisations and approvals

Supplier record

Process A navigation platform from the supplier’s point of view
Merging of documents
and information
Merging documents and information about a supplier in one record, for example, contact persons, inquiries, orders, certifications, price lists and contracts
SAP Reference Objects List display of all relevant SAP objects, jump into all business transactions of a supplier
Linking other records Linking of further records – purchasing records, material records
Access and permissions Verification of access authorisation via supplier master, company code, purchasing organisation

Prefabricated electronic records:

top sales RM - digital sales record

top contract RM - digital contract record

top personnel RM - digital personnel record

top project RM - digital project record

top production RM - digital production order record

top master data RM - digital material record

top real estate RM - digital real estate record

top public RM - digital record

Other digital record solutions

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