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top contract RM

The top xRM digital contract record

Digitised contract management

Contracts arise in many departments of a company. Creating, organising and monitoring them usually takes a lot of effort. This is all the more true because legal guidelines and compliance requirements are becoming more and more extensive and demanding.

The necessary overview is provided by the contract record of top flow, with which contracts are managed centrally, transparently and audit-proof.


Contracts record

Process Control and documentation of the entire process for a contract from the record – from negotiation to conclusion to termination

Automated creation of contracts for a business transaction with document templates

Merging of documents and information Merging documents and information on a contract into one record, for example, draft contracts, versions, valid contracts, terminations and emails
SAP Reference Objects Creation and creation of SAP objects for a contract, for example, for business partners such as customers and suppliers
Linking other records Linking of further records – customer records, supplier records
Access and permissions Checking the access authorisation to SAP authorisation objects such as company code and plant
Control of the workflow Control of the workflow along the process of a contract – for automated processes – for the automated monitoring of deadlines

Prefabricated electronic records:

top sales RM - digital sales record

top purchase RM - digital purchase record

top personnel RM - digital personnel record

top project RM - digital project record

top production RM - digital production order record

top master data RM - digital material record

top real estate RM - digital real estate record

top public RM - digital record

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