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digitalized contract management

Contracts are created in many of a company’s different departments. It usually takes a lot of effort to create, organize and monitor them. Even more so as legal guidelines as well as compliance requirements become more extensive and challenging.

The contract record of top flow provides the necessary comprehensive perspective for managing contracts centrally in a way that is transparent and tamper-proof.


Contract record

Process Controls and documents the entire process for a contract from the record – from negotiation to signing to termination

Automatically creates contracts for a business case based on document templates

Merging of documents and information Merges documents and information related to a contract in one record, e.g., contract drafts, versions, valid contracts, cancellations, and emails
SAP reference objects Generates and issues SAP objects for a contract, e.g., for business partners such as customers and suppliers
Linking to other records Links to other records – customer records, supplier records
Access and authorizations Checks access authorization for SAP authorization objects such as company code and plant
Control of the workflow Controls the workflow throughout the process for a contract – for automated procedures – for automated monitoring of deadlines