top xRM

top production RM

The digital production order record of the top xRM

Digitised production control

The production process can be enormously complex. After all, until the product is finally manufactured on the shop floor, approvals must be obtained, feasibility checked and then the necessary steps initiated. This takes time and causes considerable effort.
With the help of the production record of top flow, the production process can be continuously controlled and documented.

Production order record

Process Control and documentation of the entire production process from the record – according to processes and workstations
Merging of documents
and information
Merging of documents and information into one production process in one record

Documentation of all production states and feedback status

SAP Reference Objects Creation and creation of SAP objects for a production order, for example, for production orders, material, test lots, equipment, customers and batches
Linking other records Linking of further records – material records, sales records
Access and permissions Checking the access authorisation for PP authorisation objects
Printing and sending of SAP documents Printing of production orders and object lists from the record
Control of the workflow Control of the workflow along the manufacturing process – authorisation and approval procedures are customisable

Prefabricated electronic records:

top sales RM - digital sales record

top purchase RM - digital purchase record

top contract RM - digital contract record

top personnel RM - digital personnel record

top project RM - digital project record

top master data RM - digital material record

top real estate RM - digital real estate record

top public RM - digital record

Other digital record solutions

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