Seamlessly integrated and interface-free

top MES

The MES solution

The original pioneer for over 10 years & S4/HANA certified.

Manufacturing execution as an SAP add-on or integrated application in SAP ERP. The innovative solution for transparent production processes in SAP.

> Production Data Collection (PDC)
> Machine Data Collection (MDC)
> Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
> Dashboarding und Reporting (MES BI)
> and much more

top xRM


The product suite as an SAP add-on with electronic record solutions and workflow control, e.g. for:

> top sales RM (sales)
> top purchase RM (purchasing)
> top contract RM (contracts)
> top personnel RM (personnel)
> top project RM (projects)
> MS-Teams-Integration
> Serial emails from SAP (Adress-Cockpit)

top se16XXL

Ad hoc

The tool or SAP add-on for ad hoc reporting in SAP:

> Closes the security gap of the SAP standard authorisation se16 and se16n
> Compete SAP authorisation management for data content, tables and table fields
> Fast analysis of several tables directly in the data view
> Avoids stand-alone programs / supports the IT department
> Improves the quality of the master data in the SAP system
> Accelerates fault finding
> SAP/HANA certified

top VC


Configuration of variants in SAP ERP with the SAP add-on from top flow

The increasing individualisation of products and the consequent focus on customer requirements has greatly increased the complexity of master data and the processes connected with it for companies. A huge range of variants leads to smaller batch sizes and higher average costs, which decreases the productivity of a company. Professional variant management is essential.