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top master data RM

The digital material record of the top product RM

Digitised product management

There are countless steps between the original idea for a product, production and service, and an immense number of tasks have to be completed. And a lot of items are related to each other. Planning and controlling the entire product life cycle is, therefore, an enormous challenge.

With the equipment/machine record, the material record and the change record, you centralise your product management and simplify it significantly.

Equipment/Machine records

Process Control and documentation of the entire process along the life cycle of a product, equipment or machine from the record

Documentation of all information about changes after the delivery of a product – for example, in the context of maintenance and repair work

Merging of documents
and information
Consolidation of all information and documents on a product, a piece of equipment or a machine in a record, for example, construction plans, spare parts, parts lists, certificates and equipment features
SAP Reference Objects Generation and creation of SAP objects for a piece of equipment or a machine, for example, for material and batch
Linking other records Linking of all dependent records, for example, sales records, purchasing records, complaint records
Access and permissions Checking the access authorisation for SAP authorisation objects such as equipment type

Material records

Process Navigation platform from the point of view of the material
Merging of documents
and information
Merging of documents and information on the material master of a product in a record

Integration of document information records of the material master

SAP Reference Objects List representation of the material master and the document information records (DIS)

List presentation of sales records

Linking other records Linking of further records – complaint and service records

Amendment records

Process Control and documentation of all processes for the evaluation and implementation of a technical change, e.g. plant or change process such as material master, bill of materials, work plan, procedures
Merging of documents
and information
Merging of documents and information on technical changes in one record, for example, change requests (ECR), change orders (ECO), implementation and release documents (ECN) and status sequences
SAP Reference Objects List display of material, change master, parts list, work plan, equipment, etc.
Linking other records Linking of further records – material records, equipment records
Access and permissions Verification of access authorisation via SAP authorisations such as plant and company code
Control of the workflow Workflow for approvals and signatures for, change documents as well as status checks


Prefabricated electronic records:

top sales RM - digital sales record

top purchase RM - digital purchase record

top contract RM - digital contract record

top personnel RM - digital personnel record

top project RM - digital project record

top production RM - digital production order record

top real estate RM - digital real estate record

top public RM - digital record

Other digital record solutions

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