top xRM: the collaboration platform for the SAP environment

Collaboration with top xRM

In the transformation to the digital world, the ways in which employees collaborate have changed significantly. Increasingly, teams are made up of participants who live in entirely different locations. A company’s headquarters might be in Berlin. But employees working in development might reside in Seattle and designers in Melbourne. External partners also need to be involved who might hail from Reykjavik or Tel Aviv. And the Berlin employees might not always be in the main office. They may work out of their home offices.

All of this offers enormous benefits. Globally distributed knowledge can be utilized, and flexibility increases. Nonetheless, collaboration can only succeed if all participants are always on top of the latest developments. They must be able to access all documents, be aware of the progress of the current workflow and be able to communicate easily. All of this can only work properly with a collaboration platform.

Collaboration based on SAP enabled by top xRM: Collaborative work across borders

A very important point which simplifies collaboration across borders: top xRM can be operated via a browser-based user interface that was implemented with SAPUI5. It lets employees collaborate in an environment which has a look and feel similar to that of Office applications.

top xRM gives you a collaboration platform that is integrated into the existing SAP environment without interfaces and supports your employees and external partners optimally in their work. This is enabled by reliable document management and refined workflow management – together with integration of email communication. top xRM can build upon an existing SAP landscape with minimal effort. Existing SAP solutions can continue to be used without limitation.

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