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Professional Document Management System (DMS) with top xRM

Document Management Software is compatible with an existing SAP environment

If you wish, the DMS can be the starting point for Enterprise Content Management and for Extended Relationship Management. And rightly so, because – just as in the past – countless documents are still generated over the course of a business process – from SAP objects to Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and finally audios and videos.

For various reasons, it makes sense to systematically organize all of these documents with the help of Document Management Software. First, it ensures clean document management so that all participants can access up-to-date information – an important prerequisite for successful collaboration. Second, a DMS assures compliance to all legal requirements – e.g., requirements related to the protection of personal data. And thirdly, binding workflows can be established (including those in an existing SAP environment) – which leads to greater efficiency of the overall process.

Using a DMS to integrate documents into an existing SAP system

With top xRM you can implement a document management system that seamlessly integrates all of your documents into the SAP system and links them with SAP objects. Also integrated here are commonly used email clients, so that emails can also be created, sent and stored.

In addition, our Document Management Software enables you to comply with all legal requirements effortlessly. Contributing to this is a refined rights control system, which only enables access to documents for authorized persons. Furthermore, dates can be defined at which documents are automatically deleted.

Overview of functions in Document Management from top xRM

  • Fully integrates the email clients Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes:
    • Lets users import, write, reply, forward, distribute, and save emails, including attachments
    • Creates dates and tasks from the SAP system
  • Offers easy handling of documents via drag & drop – from Windows Explorer or the Mail Client, for example
  • Enables dynamic in-place editing of Office documents with chronological versioning and lets users compare the contents of different versions
  • Local check-in and check-out of PDF documents including commentary function

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