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Professional Document Management System (DMS) with top xRM

Why do you need a document management system (DMS)

The digitisation of corporate processes brings with it a lot of digital documents. From SAP objects, Word, Excel or PowerPoint records to audios or videos: The more documents are on the way, the greater the risk of losing track.

The systematic management of all documents seems obvious, but the reality is different in many companies. Documents are stored and scattered several times, sometimes in different versions, there are numerous individual systems, in addition, some documents are digital, but others are not. The consequences are complex manual searches, unclear current status and long response times for inquiries. Especially for SAP systems with top xRM, there is a DMS solution that avoids all the problems mentioned.

Integrate documents into an existing SAP system using a DMS system

With top xRM you implement digital document management that seamlessly integrates all documents into the SAP system and your existing SAP landscape. The SAP DMS realises a close, seamless integration with the SAP processes, as well as all included SAP objects and functions.

Users of top xRM can merge all objects in a single interface. Here, for example, SAP document / object processing can be linked to typical DMS functions. Workflows can be stored directly on documents or SAP objects; documents can be created and managed along SAP processes. The common email clients are also integrated, so that emails can be created, sent and stored.

In addition, with our document management software for SAP systems, you can easily comply with all legal requirements. A differentiated authorisation control system in the DMS contributes to this, which allows access to documents only for authorised persons. In addition, dates can be defined for which documents are automatically deleted. And all this in the existing SAP environment.


What can modern document management software do?

A DMS software is the basis for professional document management. With a DMS, all document types can be entered, edited, archived and shared, as well as access rights can be controlled. In addition, documents can be found, traced and processed centrally at lightning speed.

Special functions of SAP document management from top xRM at a glance

  • Full integration of the email clients Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes:
    • Import, write, reply, forward, send and save emails, also with attachment
    • Creating appointments and tasks from the SAP system
  • Easy handling of documents via drag&drop – for example from Windows Explorer or the mail client
  • Dynamic in-place editing of office documents with chronological versioning and content-related version comparison
  • Local check-in and check-out of PDF documents including comment function

And what does our SAP document management system actually bring in everyday life?

The DMS from top xRM not only brings technological advantages, but also very concrete added values in the everyday life of companies. First of all, with the DMS software in SAP systems, all current legal requirements, for example, from the GDPR, are complied with. The entire handling of the tool ensures more efficiency in everyday work; data silos are broken up, reaction times are noticeably shortened and workflows  are established. So there remains more time for core tasks.

In addition, top xRM is as an SAP DMS an essential building block for the digitisation of companies and business processes and thus for their future viability. Last but not least, top xRM gives the company’s IT landscape a neat structure with a clean data storage solution. The document management system thus becomes the basis for more transparency and for successful collaboration across departmental and company boundaries. This can be accessed around the clock via various devices – provided appropriate access rights are issued.

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