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Production Data Collection (PDC) with top MES

Seamless integration, certified for SAP and ready for Industry 4.0

PDC system is SAP-compatible and easy to integrate

Production Data Collection is a central component of any Manufacturing Execution System, because it surveys the actual situation on the shop floor and makes it transparent. Along with Machine Data Collection, this is the starting point for continuous improvement with the goal of boosting economic efficiency in production.

Much of the data is generated and collected automatically by Production Data Collection. But some of the data is input manually by employees on the shop floor. Therefore, a lot depends on the user interfaces of PC stations, terminals and mobile devices. If Production Data Collection is to be successful, the user interface must be flexible enough to adapt to the specific situation and intuitive to operate. And, of course, it must be possible to integrate the PDC system into SAP.

Production Data Collection of top MES is a good match for existing SAP solutions

Production Data Collection is seamlessly integrated in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA as a part of top MES. This means that established SAP objects and functions are used, data is accessed directly from the SAP system, and production data is stored directly in the SAP system. This lets you continue to use SAP solutions at your company together with our PDC system without any problems.

top MES provides you with Production Data Collection that models the entire production process and can collect job, personnel, machine and process data at each individual step – and with any desired granularity. An important aspect here: Your production employees can make their inputs via intuitive PDC dialogs that also run on touchscreens.

Data collected in this way lets you track the current situation on the shop floor and the progress of production orders at all times. In addition, the data may be condensed into performance indicators which are then available to you for evaluations. The well-known indicator of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) can also be shown with top MES.

An overview of Production Data Collection functions from top MES

  • Collects all production data, so that the current situation on the shop floor always remains transparent – this also relates to tracking production progress
  • Books production resources used in production and components used, as well as the quantities produced in the ERP system
  • Provides all documents on the shop floor that are relevant to production
  • Visualizes the specific quality requirements for the products on the shop floor and checks the produced quantities
  • Reports faults on the shop floor so that they can be corrected quickly and made available for analysis
  • Computes and visualizes various performance indicators based on the collected data
  • Computes costs and production performance based on the collected data
  • Provides intuitive dialogs for employees on the shop floor at user interfaces – including interfaces with touchscreen operation
  • Integrates all functions and data from the relevant areas of SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA
  • Books all results online in the form of SAP receipts

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