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At all companies there is a focus on business processes. That is because, to a great extent, economic success depends on whether processes are running as efficiently and effectively as possible. Digitalization can make a significant contribution, which often means that workflows need to be digitalized by means of workflow software or a workflow management system.

Workflows describe what processes specify strategically on an operative level. For example, they define how an incoming order should be handled. Who accepts it? Who reviews the process from a technical or business perspective – and at what time point? Who releases it – and up to what amount? In many companies, there are no binding requirements as specified by a workflow management system. Rather they are, at best, accepted routines. Not only does efficiency suffer, but frequently also effectiveness – if, for example, the company neglects to fill an order. Then it is high time for workflow software.

Establishing, controlling, monitoring workflows – on an existing SAP basis

top xRM offers workflow management you can use to establish workflows based on the documents and objects which are generated along a business process – and they may be established ad hoc. You do not have to abandon your existing SAP landscape here. Rather, you can very simply install top xRM, the workflow management system from top flow, as an add-on to your existing SAP solution. top xRM includes predefined records and a user-friendly environment that simplifies collaboration tremendously.

Furthermore, it is possible to execute or initiate individual workflows. For instance, a received order can be routed to the appropriate department for review. It is also possible to implement automatic responses here: When the employee from the appropriate area sets a release checkmark, a job confirmation can be sent out automatically. Finally, workflow management makes it possible to check the status of a workflow. That is, the workflow management system can be used at any time to track whether or not the process has been completed.
The process cockpit is extremely helpful for always keeping track of a workflow, because it indicates the status of workflows clearly.

Overview of workflow management functions from top xRM

  • Models, controls and monitors workflows including approval and release routines based on SAP Workflow Management
  • Offers ad-hoc workflows that reference any desired node of an electronic record
  • Graphically depicts workflows including traffic light function for indicating status
  • Enables editing of workflows via mobile end devices – online and offline
  • Can be fully integrated into an existing SAP environment

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