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Machine Data Collection (MDC) with top MES

Seamless integration, certified for SAP and ready for Industry 4.0

MDC system from top flow is easy to integrate into existing SAP basis

Machines and systems generate enormous volumes of data – and when sensors are retrofitted the data volume is much greater. This data can be used to make the situation on the shop floor transparent and detailed. At least, this is possible in principle, but only because automatic Machine Data Collection is available to acquire and process the immense volume of data. A manual procedure would overload resources unnecessarily. Efficient Machine Data Collection acquires all data correctly and with minimal effort, making the data available quickly – ideally in real time.

The significant challenge of Machine Data Collection is that the machines and systems on a shop floor generally come from different manufacturers, and they provide data in different formats. Over the course of Machine Data Collection, data must often be captured from alternative sources or it is generated by retrofitted components – this is often the case with older machines and systems in particular. As part of a Manufacturing Execution System, the Machine Data Collection – along with Production Data Collection – must also be able to communicate with all possible assets and condition the acquired data so that downstream systems can understand and use it.

Machine Data Collection from top flow is readily compatible with SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA

For professional Machine Data Collection, use software that best suits your existing system. As a part of top MES, Machine Data Collection is integrated seamlessly into SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA. This means that the machine data supplements the processes modeled in your existing SAP system. Established SAP objects are provided with detailed data here, and functions are executed automatically in the SAP system. The result is processes that are ideally coordinated – without redundancies and with central data integrity. With top MES, you are using software in the framework of your Machine Data Collection which is compatible with existing SAP solutions.

Incidentally, top MES can also calculate the well-known Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), an indicator for determining the added value of a system.

Machine Data Collection: Interfacing to all machines and systems

Another key factor of success is standardization of communication. Clear standards have been established here with the development of Industry 4.0. OPC UA plays a central role here.

top MES is thoroughly based on recognized industrial standards in its interfacing to machines and systems – primarily on OPC UA. As a result, you can use our Manufacturing Execution System to incorporate nearly all assets into a universal digital process.

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