top VC

top VC

top VC: managing variants at the highest level

Anyone who produces or sells products in many variants and in very small runs will appreciate the options for configuring the SAP variant.

The top VC combines the SAP variant configuration with the ability to create production-ready master data at the touch of a button. As a result, processes can be started with both individual customer production and anonymous production. top VC provides automatic after-treatment when creating a new variant. Manual actions are eliminated while increasing the data quality of the generated master data.

Variant engine functions:

  • Create material master with configuration (material variant)
    • Plant-specific material variant
    • Cross-plant material variant
    • All views can be created, including QM view, production versions, and so on.
    • Definition of relevant organizational levels (factories, sales organisations, etc.)
    • Create material variants for multi-level configuration
  • Specify a maximum BOM or create a separate BOM
  • Set the maximum routing or create a separate routing
  • Calculate new material master with standard price update
  • Create SD condition records
  • Classification of material masters or batches
  • Generate MM master data (purchase information record, order book)
  • Formula Definitions (ABAP) for complex derivatives
  • Automatically switch SD document configurations to the created material variant
  • Both variant configurations based on LO-VC and AVC (Advanced Variant Configuration) in S/4 HANA can be the basis. Standard functions for the production of material variants are also supported, i.e. the variants created in the standard can be synchronously expanded with the help of a variant engine.

Top VC is an SAP ERP and S/4 HANA add-on with great advantages for configuring the variant and integrated into SAP ERP without interfaces such as top  MES  and  top xRM.
As an outspoken specialist in multi-variant manufacturing and procurement industries, peak current has developed top VC software, a unique product based on sap variant configuration.