top VC

top VC

Variant configuration in SAP ERP

The increasing individualisation of products and the consequent focus on customer requirements has greatly increased the complexity of master data and the processes connected with it for companies. A huge range of variants leads to smaller batch sizes and higher average costs, which decreases the productivity of a company. Professional variant management is essential.

Optimised process support
Those that produce and sell products in many variants require efficient master data and optimised process support.

top VC combines convenient high-end variant configuration with the option of creating master data that is ready to go into production at the press of a button.

High flexibility for organisation and operation
The add-on offers huge flexibility through its seamless integration into SAP and the open ABAP environment → individual interface design and many additional functions.

top VC is integrated into SAP without interfaces – complicated subsystems are completely eliminated!

Benefits of top VC

  • Supports both the individual customer production as well as anonymous production
  • Depiction of the most complex contexts
  • Central, customised user interface
  • Automated follow-on processing in the case of a new variant
  • Ensures factual and accurate production configuration through the order administrator
  • No programming necessary in the case of changes or enhancements
  • Feasibility and plausibility checks in the system → exclusion of sources of errors
  • Elimination of manual tasks while increasing the quality of the data at the same time
  • A clear overview of profitability at all times: Overview of the development of the contribution margin on the basis of the requested batch sizes

Extract from the functions:

  • Integration of any number of functions in the configuration interface – without modifications
  • Table-controlled configuration logic in open ABAP environment → user-friendly maintenance and expansion through tables
  • Adaption and expansion of the interface necessary only once → thereafter applicable to every subsequent application.
  • The system guides the administrator through the offer process or respectively order processing → administer has the option of implementing complex product definitions.
  • A staff member can carry out a complete, system-managed process stop → offer definition and calculation in sales without the required inclusion of construction, logistics and calculation.
  • Interactive product cost estimates, pricing, availability checks, document integration, etc. – the open environment permits the integration of almost all functions and information found in the SAP system.
  • Variant engine: Once-only product description (configuration) by the administrator. Alternative items with other production volumes are generated by the system upon request.
  • Variant engine: Simple creation of material variants at the push of a button → automated creation of all pertinent master data in the process

top VC highlights

Standardised communication between the SAP standard variant configuration and the individual interfaces
→ The interfaces react automatically to the entries in the standard configuration logic.