top se16XXL

top se16XXL: effective ad hoc data evaluation without SAP programming

certified for SAP Netweaver and S/4 HANA

top flow’s SAP reporting tool revolutionises data analysis

In everyday SAP operations, there are always new, spontaneous enquiries for the purpose of data evaluation, which are brought to IT by the business. Additional requirements from the area of master data control, test data searches or customisation checks occur almost on a daily basis.

The answers to these questions are provided by analyses from the almost inexhaustible data pool of SAP systems. However, there is often complicated programming work behind it, which takes up a lot of capacity in daily work. A useful SAP reporting tool is, therefore, necessary that goes beyond the functionality of the se16, se16n, se16h, SAP Query and SAP QuickViewer.

The se16XXL is a comprehensive analysis tool from Top flow’s portfolio for ad-hoc reporting directly in the SAP system and is primarily aimed at SAP key users and SAP developers. Without separate SAP programming, any data extracts are created via logical links.

Flexible authorisation control of the SAP reporting tool

With top se16XXL, access to company data and SAP tables can be controlled individually. The flexible authorisation control of the top se16XXL allows not only a limitation to tables, such as the SAP standard transactions se16 and se16n via the SAP authorisation objects S_TABU_DIS or S_TABU_NAM, but also to individual table fields. An important extension is also the check for the data content via SAP authorisation objects such as company code, plant, sales organisation, etc. – so everyone only sees the data relevant to them. This authorisation check can also be used for the table maintenance transaction sm30.

In addition, if SAP ILM is active, the content of business partners, for example, can be hidden via the end-of-purpose check, depending on the authorisation. Thus, all the security requirements required by auditors are met.

SAP Certified