Electronic record-keeping based on top flow

Electronic record-keeping based on top flow

top xRM: electronic records for every purpose and a precise fit for the SAP environmentd

With top xRM and electronic record-keeping, business processes in all areas can be digitalized end-to-end for various use scenarios.

For the most frequently occurring use areas, we have created predefined electronic records. Not only do they model typical storage structures and workflows. The electronic records also model the underlying business processes that may contain SAP objects, but do not have to. Examples are the procurement process, the sales process and claims processing.

In addition, electronic records – also known as e-records – make it possible to automate and control the given process more quickly. When businesses introduce top xRM and electronic record-keeping they do not need to set up completely new structures, rather they can take the predefined standard structure and adapt it to their individual requirements and to their existing SAP system to optimize their document management system and collaboration. This saves them time and money. And they ensure that all relevant factors are considered.

top flow offers predefined electronic records for many business areas and purposes of use. We are continually adapting them to changing conditions. In addition, we are continually extending our product lineup without losing the connection to the SAP environment.