top xRM

top xRM: Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

Seamless integration, certified for SAP and ready for Industry 4.0

Central Challenges of Digitalization are Overcome by the ECM System

With our SAP-based Enterprise Content Management System in top xRM, you can consolidate, in one electronic record, all the information, documents and functions that are generated over the course of a business process. For example, you can store SAP objects, Office documents, PDF files and emails in structured form in an Enterprise Content Management System. Not only does this make the entire contents available to all participants at all times – regardless of their geographic locations. The consolidation of information, documents and functions also forms the basis for universal digitalization with an ECM system.

With top xRM you have an Enterprise Content Management System at hand, which equips you well to meet the central challenges of digital transformation. The ideal case is to digitalize your business processes end-to-end, but unfortunately heterogeneous solutions and applications often represent just a part of the total business process and are not fully integrated. The consequences: Unlike in a universal ECM, data are not always transmitted fully or correctly, the information stream is not universal, and there is a lack of transparency.

ECM system from top flow can be seamlessly integrated into an existing SAP environment

Of course, top xRM, and thereby the ECM system, as a technology can be directly integrated into SAP ERP or SAP S/4 HANA. Consequently, the processing of SAP objects operates automatically. It is easy to add documents from other applications to specific electronic records by drag-and-drop operation, and document management is simplified in general. The user interface of top xRM and of the Enterprise Content Management System was implemented in both the SAP GUI version and in SAPUI5, so it has a look and feel that is similar to that of Office applications. So, you benefit from an excellent user experience.

Bundling information, documents and functions with top xRM as ECM

But top xRM does even more as an ECM system. From its collected and organized content, workflows can be established and automated, controlled and monitored. This produces greater efficiency in processes and makes them transparent. In addition, our Enterprise Content Management System enables team collaboration that is independent of location and time – even beyond company boundaries. All of this makes top xRM far more than just a conventional Enterprise Content Management solution. We have implemented an extended relationship concept with the add-on. This is an advanced development of CRM and SRM which not only models the relationships to customers and suppliers, but to all partners.

Benefits of top xRM at a glance

  • Models business processes universally and in a structured way, makes them transparent and digitalizes them end-to-end
  • Consolidates all information, documents and functions that are produced throughout a business process into one electronic record
  • Interfaces fully to the commonly used email clients Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes, making it possible to execute email client functions directly from top xRM
  • Makes it possible to run through workflows (sequential and parallel steps) that have been predefined on the node level, and to start ad-hoc workflows at any time
  • As a browser application, it is the ideal collaboration platform – including for customers and suppliers. An access authorization system limits viewing of the process based on specific user roles
  • Offers fully preconfigured record types for business processes in different business areas or use scenarios, such as: Purchasing, Sales, Human Resources, Project Management, Contract Management, Real Estate Management
  • Makes it possible to create record types for nearly all conceivable business processes and digitalizes the processes in this way
  • Enables tracking of the current status
  • Is integrated directly into SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA without an interface – the SAP GUI or an SAPUI5-based browser application may be used as the user interface
  • Is certified for SAP ERP 6.0 and SAP S/4HANA

Standard functionalities of top xRM

  • Makes all functions available via a dashboard: e.g., to search for existing electronic records, to create new records, to search for documents or to call up favorites
  • Automatically creates electronic records – e.g.,
    by generating an SAP object
  • Links and integrates different records (record-in-record principle)
  • Automatically fills out record attributes – e.g., from the data of SAP objects
  • Interfaces fully to the email clients Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes:
    • Lets users import, write, reply, forward, send and save emails, including with attachments
    • Creates dates and tasks from the SAP system
  • Makes it easy to handle documents via drag-and-drop – e.g.,
    from Windows Explorer or the mail client
  • Enables dynamic in-place editing of Office documents
    with chronological versioning and lets users compare the contents of different versions
  • Local check-in and check-out of PDF documents including commenting function
  • Models, controls and monitors workflows including approval and release routines based on SAP Workflow Management
  • Ad-hoc workflows which reference any desired node of an electronic record
  • Graphically depicts workflows including traffic light function for identifying their status
  • Displays responsibilities and deadlines including itemization of changes
  • Workflows can be edited from mobile end devices – online and offline